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Linux HS3PRO failes to "test" devices

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    Linux HS3PRO failes to "test" devices

    I am running HS3Pro on Linux. I am able to see my chromcast devices, and the status of some of them looks correct, but they refuse to "connect". I see a bunch of PING/PONG messages in the debug log, but nothing stands out as a problem. When I click the test button, I get this:

    May-10 12:11:05 INFO (Office Home): Hello, this is a test for chromecast plug-in
    May-10 12:11:05 DEBUG Playing on Office Home
    May-10 12:11:05 ERROR Not connected to chromecast Office Home

    Full log is attached. Any ideas why they may not be connecting? Maybe some firewall blocking or something (what incoming ports would it need)?
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    The plugin is maybe trying to load a conflicting version of the Newtonsoft.Json.dll.
    Do you have a Newtonsoft.Json.dll in your Homeseer application directory? or did you replace the one in bin/Chromecast?

    Could you disable all Chromecast devices but the one you are testing from the Config page, so that the logs are easier to read.


      I didn't place that there on my own and I didn't see anything there in the BIN directory or the root directory. However, I upgraded to the latest homeseer release (moved the 2 dlls from the root as I have seen floating around) and it magically started working!