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  • Disconnects

    Hi spud,

    Just wanted to find out if you've been thinking about the disconnect problem.

    Every morning when I wake up at least a couple of my chromecast audio devices and groups are disconnected. It is often as simple as clicking the "connect" button on the device root to reconnect. Rarely I have to restart the plugin.

    The disconnect seems to happen overnight between 2-5am and never during the day.

    As far as I can tell there are two problems:
    (1) daily disconnects overnight
    (2) failure to reliability reconnect after disconnect

    I wonder if part of the problem could be the PI is trying to reestablish connections to multiple devices at once when the connection is lost in the early morning hours. Perhaps if reconnection was staggered it may be successful? Maybe the PI should try to reconnect again if it was not successful?

    Unfortunately this bug is making it very difficult to use the PI. I wake up every morning and reconnect disconnected chromecasts and sometimes restart the PI.

    Part of me had wondered if this was due to poor wifi (even though chromecast devices are sitting beside the router), so I purchased the chromecast-ethernet power supply for all my chromecast devices (5 of them). There was some improvement in the overall reliability but this problem persists.

    Is there anything you can suggest?

    My setup consists of 4 chromecast audio devices, 4 chromecast audio groups and one first gen chromecast. I also have 4 google home minis but they are not included in the PI.


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    Hi spud,

    Any suggestions here?



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      Can you tell us a bit more about your network? What kind of router and version of software? Are you using vlans? All hardwired ethernet?

      What else is on the network that might be doing a lot of multicasting?



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        Thanks for following up...

        I don't think this is a network issue for the following reasons:

        (1) As mentioned in my original post, all my chromecast devices are hardwired
        (2) This exact issue has been described by other users of the plugin using different network hardware
        (3) CC devices disconnect every day at almost the exact same time, overnight, when there's almost no network traffic at all

        Not sure what you mean by other multicast devices ... I have a 2 PCs and 2 cell phones connected to the network as well. There are a few other devices but all low usage (globalcache gc-100 x2, google home minis x 4 [not being used as streamers], raspberrypi, ISY).

        The router is a netgear orbi. Firmware updates are pushed to it so it's running the latest version.



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          Could you provide some debug logs of the problem.

          What version of Bonjour is installed on your HS3 machine?


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            I'll turn on debugging tonight and post results. I have an event running that attempts reconnecting disconnected Chromecast devices after 5 minutes, once only. If they remain disconnected for an additional 5 minutes then the PI is restarted. The event does not attempt to reconnect more than one Chromecast device/group within 1 minute.

            I'm running avahi-daemon 0.6.32



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              Hi spud,

              My log file is too large for an attachment. I've added to my dropbox and here's a link:


              There are two issues at the moment:

              (1) chromecast audio devices/groups disconnect at around 4am and don't reconnect
              (2) chromecast first gen device (family room tv) continually disconnects and reconnects many times per hour

              The first issue has really been the problem because they don't reconnect reliability.

              Thanks for looking into this.



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                Hi spud,

                Posted my log in message above. Any ideas?