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  • New Error Showing In Log

    I am getting this error in the log. Wondering what it means? I am on It has occurred quite a few times.
    Oct-02 6:24:41 PM Chromecast ERROR Not connected to chromecast Homeseer Voice

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    The plugin keeps a connection with all the chromecasts that are advertised as running by Bonjour/Zeroconf.
    If you try to run a speak action or a cast action on a chromecast that is not running you will get this error.


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      I am seeing a new error this morning and the chromecast device was showing it was disconnected. I selected the "Connect" button and it shows the IP address but it still does not respond to voice and the "Application" showed no text response. The one that does respond to voice showed a text response on "Application".

      What is the reason they disconnect from the router and is there a way to fix this? Thanks

      EDIT: It appears that if you remove power from the unit it will not re-establish itself with the app and then the plugin. I had to reset it then bring it back into the app and then remove all devices from the plugin and disable/enable the plugin to get the 2 units back up and working.
      Oct-09 2:16:05 AM Chromecast ERROR Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
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