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Setting chromecast speakers as selectable in Speak

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  • Setting chromecast speakers as selectable in Speak

    I wasn't sure where to put this but I have 3 chromecast devices. I have 2 chromecast audio devices and 1 chromecast video. In an event there is the Speak command. When you click on the airplane you can get a button that allows you to select which speaker client to use. A window pops up that has the default speaker listed but no chromecast speakers to choose from.

    How do I get the chromecast speakers listed in this window so I don't have to keep typing them in all the time? thanks

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    you can't, you have to type....
    there is no API in HS3 to populate this box with speakers, I have asked for that feature to be added a long time ago, but it never materialized


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      Thanks Spud. That is something I would think they should fix. After all more and more people are using your chromecast PI. If someone has a lot of these devices it can be a pain to type them all in. I have 2 chromecast audios and a chromecast and I noticed in an event that you better single out which device you want to speak to or speech will come out of all the devices including the chromecast which interrupts whatever you are watching and the screen goes to a light blue with some icon in the middle!


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        I have a similar situation. Three chromecasts but only use the one in the kitchen for PI purposes. Everything was fine until I changed to Altice One and hence a new router and new ip.
        I deleted all the chromcasts and they got added. Good. Then I only kept the "Kitchen speaker". Not sure where the word speaker came from. Anyways, I typed Kitchen speaker and clicked Add. However it won't play sounds. It does work pressing the test button. Any idea?


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          Never mind, I think it had something to do with the space between Kitchen and speaker. I deleted the device, renamed it as Kitchen and all is well now.