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Wifi loss and detection?

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    Wifi loss and detection?

    Is there a way to have HS3 detect that a Chromecast device has lost it's wifi connection and has decided to start announcing it's own SSID?

    I've had some chromecasts that have had the annoying tendency to lose their wifi connection (for no good reason, all the wifi gear is on UPS backup). They they tend to default to announcing themselves with their named as their SSID. This has happened to ones even connected with the wired ethernet adapter.

    I realize a plugin to speak to devices isn't going to be able to talk to something that's gone. And that normal power loss to the chromecast devices wouldn't be cause for panic or actions. I'm inclined to think this might be better managed via monitoring WiFi SSIDs.

    But has anyone else run into this kind of problem and found a reasonable way to monitor/solve it?

    I've asked about this on two of the networking plug-in sub-forums: