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    Power off tv's


    Google assistant can power off TV's via chromecasts HDMI-cec functionality.
    This can be achieved by telling google home to turn off a given TV.

    If this could be implemented in the plugin, this would allow us to power down a whole house much easier.

    ps. the TV doesn't have to be set to the HDMI-source of the chromecast dongle to power down. Personaly i never use chromecast for anything but power-off.

    As far as I know, HDMI-cec features are not part of the Chromecast API, so I can't add them to the plugin.


      That's pretty much what my googling concluded too



        I don't use the Chromecast for this feature but have a Xoami Mi Box 3 in the kids room. I can turn on/off the TV with Google Assistant by simply telling it to turn on/off the name of the device.

        Is this what you're asking?


          I do that too, via Google home. And it is neat.

          But having the ability to do so when leaving home, automatically would be awesome.

          If Google home just had a text-command API - I would be happy.


            I can turn off my whole house, by pressing one button. But I have to turn off the TV's via voice :-/


              I think your best bet is to add a Harmony Hub if you want to have a button to press in HS.

              However, if you want to add this to a voice command, IE: Good Night = turn off whole house, you can do this with GH Routines in the edit option of the bedtime routine, you can add a costum action under "My Assistant Should..." Click on "add action" and enter the google command such as "Turn off the kid's TV"

              I think that's as close as you can get to a text-command API as you can get.

              FWIW; I have it setup similar to what you have in mind but all through voice

              If I say "I'm leaving, all lights and TV turn off then initiate the BL Occuppy plugin"

              When I say I'm home, certain lights turn on and disable BLOccupy plgin"

              Who needs a button when you can use your voice? It's more sanatized that way. LOL


                Great ideas, thank you

                We don't have Google home routines in denmark yet.

                I have some harmony hubs laying around, but i really loathe IR.


                  Google home actually has some sort of text-api that can be used via python+Google home sdk.
                  i've been thinking of having my radio play a TTS that tells a home device to turn off the TV's. But... Meh :-)