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Goto Position in script function

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  • Goto Position in script function

    Hi Spud,

    You simulate "Next" by going to the end of the song, just as is possible with the Google Home app.
    In order to do FF or RW, I wonder if you could introduce "startposition" in the script function?

    BTW, an insightful comment to Googles retirement of the CCA would be valuable.
    - What other Chromecast implementations will work with the PI in the future?
    - Perhaps a topic/clarification by you?

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    I can add a Seek scripting function which would take a number of seconds as a parameter, is that what you want?

    The plugin already works with all kind of chromecast implementations: Google Home, Chromecast Video, Android TV, etc...


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      Sounds great!

      If a new function is the least disruptive for playback, fine with me!

      I can imagine that the input should be an absolute position in seconds.
      FF and RW can be constructed around that with small and large steps forwards and backwards.

      At the moment I use a Timer to keep track of the position when using Play/Pause.
      Is it feasible to read the real position somewhere?


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        Hi spud, did this ever idea make it to a release?
        Thank you!