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    Speaker Groups Behaviour

    Hi Spud,

    Thanks for all your valuable work on this plugin - appreciated.

    I have an issue that I'd appreciate your guidance about.

    I've got a number of speaker groups, created in Google Home App.

    The plugin detects them as expected, all information displayed seems accurate and up to date when I play something and I'm able to use the controls on the group to stop/start with, no problem.

    HOWEVER, in Homeseer the specific (I have mixes of Chromecast, Home Mini, Home Hub and Chromecast Audio) devices of which the group comprises are not updated to reflect what is correctly shown in the group.

    Simple example, if I start playing a song from Google Play Music to my "All Google Speakers" group, song plays as expected to all devices in that group and group in Homeseer shows details of the song playing, status is Playing, all good, BUT all the individual speakers shown in Homeseer (that are now playing) show a status of Idle and no song details (though Application is correctly updated to Google Play Music).

    This infers that the "Prevent TTS when Chromecast is playing" flag is effectively ignored, I presume since the individual speakers have a status of Idle, even though they are in fact playing something. Nett result - any HS speak commands result in playing audio being terminated.


    Any and all advice gratefully received and my thanks again for your time.

    Kind regards,

    The thing is that the plugin doesn't know which chromecasts are included in a group, and I have yet to find a way to retrieve this information. If I can't find one, I will add a way in the plugin configuration to specify manually which chromecasts are included in a group.


      Hi Spud,

      Profound apologies for the delay in my replying - real life intervening!

      Your message last appreciated.

      I did a wee bit of scrying of the runes myself and found this API reference that suggested retrieval may be possible?
      Notwithstanding my almost complete ignorance of your implementation!

      Certainly desirable in preference to having to manually maintain info in parallel and all that that entails. That said, I would be grateful for this workaround if automatic retrieval impractical/not possible.

      My continuing thanks to you for your most excellent work on this plugin.

      In word of context, recently moved and taking opportunity to maximally rebuild my home automation on Homeseer, replacing Vera and generally upgrading bits and bobs.
      So far finding the transition to be a good one!
      For audio, In my last house had 36 speaker multizone indoor/outdoor setup, largely comprising cheap as chips Logitech 6 speaker sets ( on Aeon Z-Wave switches for Zone control, their inputs fed from hard wired, single source (SQBlaster controlled) amp (with Squeezebox input).
      Nett result - arguably better than Sonos (by dint of quanta/placement of speakers) controllable sound everywhere at a fraction of the cost.
      But lotsa old school, legacy hardware, wiring and solutions and no voice input. Yah boo sucks.
      This time around I'm building my audio infrastructure with the help of your plugin, with Chromecast at its core.
      Google Home minis, paired with $10 USB powered Bluetooth to 3.5" headphone adapters, will enable me to reuse my existing speaker sets and obtain voice control, with no inter-room wiring to worry about. Tops.
      Your plugin most definitely great value!

      Keep up the great work!