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    Cast spotify track

    Is it possible to cast an spotify track?

    That is, of course, a built-in capability of Spotify on Android or iPhone.

    Are you asking if it is possible to control casting from HomeSeer? If so, that isn't a built-in function and I am also not aware of any HomeSeer plugin that currently exists to do it. But you asked if it is "possible" and I think it is "possible" with some effort. Spotify has a web interface SDK for developers that allows a developer to control Spotify using HTML. See . I think you could use HomeSeer scripts to send HTML commands to control Spotify. My assumption is that most individuals just user their phones (or Google Hub or Alexa) to control Spotify so that may explain why this hasn't been done in a plugin.


      As jvm points out, casting Spotify from an app to a CCA works very well. I find it far superior than Airplay in terms of quality and function.
      Controlling the app with this plugin, works very well too.
      Once you have initiated casting of a playlist, you can actually turn off your Spotify app, and the CCA will continue to play on and on. Don't know if it is a bug or feature, but it is great!

      For more advanced control, I have been trying to use the Spotify API by testing a few .NET wrappers:I have however not succeeded to port the basics to and would appreciate any wing-mate support. It should not be so difficult!
      Would you like to help?

      Otherwise if anyone is interested in Airplay, I have implemented Airplay through Shairport-Sync with Homeseer devices and scripts that runs on my Homeseer machine. It enables me to get much the same as a CCA and this plugin, but without the physical devices CCA or Airport Express!