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SOLVED - After upgrading to .33, GH mini no longer speaking HS speak commands

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  • SOLVED - After upgrading to .33, GH mini no longer speaking HS speak commands

    My normal HS Speaker clients are still working, but my GH mini doesn't speak anything when I use a standard HS speak event. The Test button works on the config page. I noticed the config option to Forward speech to HS Speakers is no longer there. Not sure what's going on. Any suggestions appreciated.

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    P.S. There is no Chromecast plugin activity in the logs, even with Debug enabled, when I initiation a standard HS TTS command. Should there be? Should my Google devices appear as HS speakers now?

    I do not have the Bonjour service installed and would prefer to keep it that way. Hopefully that isn't the cause of my problems.


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      Cancel that. My default speaker list in HS included all of my speaker clients EXCEPT the newly added Chromecast speaker device. I must have entered something into that field a long time ago. I blanked it out and now I'm hearing TTS from my GH mini with .33. Sorry for the unnecessary post.


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        since version .32 the plugin now uses a different API for TTS. You may need to update your Speak actions, read this post:

        if you go to Tools > About Homeseer, you should now see your chromecasts in the list of "Connected Speaker Clients"
        Using Bonjour or not shouldn't have any impact on this.