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Manually specify Chromecast IPs

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    Manually specify Chromecast IPs

    For a variety of network reasons, its difficult for me to run Bonjor on my network, I'd like to be able to specify the static IPs of my various chromecasts.

    Have a look at the end of the first post in the User Guide


      Now I feel stupid

      Thanks STUD (er Spud)


        Along these same lines, I'm interested in creating speaker groups via the Home app and adding them to the plugin manually. I'm new to multiple Google Home devices but assume if I create a group they will all play in sync. Is this correct?

        Seeing as I'm adding things to the .ini manually, I do not know my device IDs, or how to find them. Would this be necessary for groups? I ask because some of the screenshots I see have IP addresses listed 2 or more times but with different IDs. Wondering if the plugin needs the IDs for groups to work. If so, can I find them w/o Bonjour.

        Lastly, are there any issues if HS tries to send a speak event to all speakers plus a group or two at the same time? My default speaker list in settings is empty so it'll send to all speaker clients by default. Wondering if this will be a problem.

        Much thanks!
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