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  • Auto reconnect?


    For some reason my devices randomly become disconnected and removed from the speaker list. I can re-connect them from the device list page without issue. I don't know what causes them to become disconnected in the first place or if that indicates any sort of problem elsewhere. I've read some other threads here about disconnections and wondered if there was a way you could build an auto reconnect into this plugin. Maybe allow it as a per-device setting. If it becomes disconnected, you could automatically trigger the connect routine every few seconds or minutes. What do you think?

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    I wrote a task that reconnects a speaker if it has been disconnected for more than 10 min.

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      I created events to do the same. Seems the plugin could do that pretty easily on its own though. And I don't understand why they become disconnected in the first place.


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        What version of the plugin are you running? V35 and above fixed this issue for me


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          I'm running v35 and I still get disconnects. Well, at least my events that detect a disconnect, and then reconnect, are still running periodically. Perhaps the plugin now automatically reconnects after a certain period of time, which is longer than my events wait for?