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Moving from manual setup to using Bonjour

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    Moving from manual setup to using Bonjour

    I'm sad to say I've given up trying to figure out how to scan for speaker group information without Bonjour. I can scan my devices for open ports and spot the ones supporting groups, but I'm not sure which groups they are and the scan takes a long time.

    What can I expect to happen after installing Bonjour after already manually configuring my GH devices in the .ini file?

    I already have events using my existing devices so those cannot change. Any steps I should take ahead of time?

    HomeSeer 3, Insteon, Z-wave, USB-UIRT, Google Hub/Chromecasts/Smart Speakers, Foscam cameras, Amcrest camera, RCA HSDB2a doorbell
    Plugins: BLLAN, BLOccupied, BLUSBUIRT, Chromecast, Insteon, Jon00 Homeseer/Echo Skill Helper, Jon00 DB Charting, MediaController, NetCAM, PHLocation2, Pushover 3P, weatherXML, Z-wave