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Chromecast audio group connection problem

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  • Chromecast audio group connection problem


    Having some difficulty with chromecast audio group maintaining a connection.

    I checked the status this morning and saw it said disconnected under the root device for the group. Had been that way since around 4am on July 15. When I click the "connect" button nothing happens. I saw this error in the log:
    Jul-18 9:34:15 AM Chromecast ERROR Connection refused
    Jul-18 9:34:15 AM Chromecast INFO Connecting to First floor speakers
    Jul-18 9:34:14 AM Device Control Device: First floor speakers Root to Connect (1) by/from: CAPI Control Handler
    When I restarted the plugin it was able to connect.

    Running v.31. Upgraded to v.34 this morning. Not sure if you made any connection tweaks between these versions though.


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    P.S. I wonder if it may have to do with the fact that Chromecast audio groups have dynamic ip addresses that seem to rotate between the group members. When the plug-in was restarted, there ip address changed from xxx.25 to xxx.13


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      Hi spud

      Any suggestions here? Same thing happened again today. The Group IP address changed, again from to and the plugin was unable to reconnect to the cast group without restarting it.


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        The plugin is supposed to detect these address changes using Bonjour and reconnect to the new address.
        To debug this problem could you enable only this group in the config page, and enable "log to file". Then send me the log file (Logs/Chromecast.txt) once the problem happens again.


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          The log is recording now. I'll send it to you when it happens again. Thanks!


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            Hi spud ,

            I disabled all chromecast devices except the problematic chromecast group (first floor speakers). I let it sit for a week and there were no connection problems. Then I turned off logging and reenabled all the other devices. The next morning, the same chromecast group was reported as "disconnected", so I reenabled logging with all the other devices also enabled. I've attached the debug log from around this period of time - note it's zipped because it's quite large uncompressed.

            Line 1 Aug-04 14:02:19 - disconnected from first floor speakers
            Line 224 Aug 4 14:02:20 - able to reestablish connection to first floor speakers
            ...MANY times repeated over course of the day
            Line 32188 Aug-05 03:50:49 - disconnected from first floor speakers and unable to reconnect until plugin restarted in morning.

            Thanks for any help you can provide!
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              P.S. same problem this morning. The audio group disconnected at around 11pm and won't reconnect unless I restart the Chromecast plugin. I don't think it's related to ip address as the IP isn't changing on restart. It only seems to be a problem when the other Chromecast devices are enabled in the plugin because the week when the other devices were disabled I didn't have any connection issues.

              Would appreciate you having a look! Thanks.


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                I had a look at your logs: The problem is that at Aug-05 03:50:49 the plugin restart the discovery process as expected, but for some unknown reason it gets stuck and does not resolve the ip of the devices and groups.

                This is likely to be a problem with the third party library I use for discovery. So I have to be able to replicate the problem on my system to debug it.
                Are you on windows or Linux?

                I wanted to change this library to a new one that doesn't need bonjour to be installed, so maybe I will just do that and see how it goes.


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                  Thanks. I'm on Linux. (rpi running full version of hs3).

                  The problem only affects the Chromecast group, never an individual device.


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                    in version I have replaced the library used for zeroconf discovery by a new one that doesn't need Bonjour or Avahi to be installed.
                    This version is available in the beta section of the updater.

                    Please try it and let me know if you still see the problem.


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                      Thanks! I've installed it. Will let you know what happens.


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                        After first 24h no connection problems with beta 35


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                          Rock solid still. Looks like v35 fixed this issue for me. Thanks so much!