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Default Device Creation?

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    Default Device Creation?


    Is the device setup for this a bit odd? I noticed that these devices were not grouped into a common location 1 or location 2. I misread the device listing and thought that what looked like the name was the name, but it was actually the room. Here is what I would have expected...

    Name - The name of the device. Presumably the name of the chromecast. Could have type concatenated to the end if you needed
    Type - The type of the device. (title, etc.)
    Room - Defaulted to put into a common room, but can be reassigned.

    I moved these all to a chromecast room before I figured out the room was the name. Then I was left with a lot of devices all with the same name. Not to mention I have a lot of chromecasts, google homes and android TVs. This took a half hour to click all of those thing to being with
    - Tom

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