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Tell me about my day or other command

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    Tell me about my day or other command

    I searched through the forum and was unable to find any information regarding this topic.

    Is there currently a way to send a command to a Chromecast device like a Google home speaker that would start a service. For instance if I wanted to send The command "ok Google tell me about my day?" or "ok Google play imagine dragons on Spotify!" These commands could be based on a time event or motion. I looked through the API for Google and it looks like this is possible but didn't know if there was something included in this plug in that would allow that?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Any feedback on whether this plugin will be able to send normally used verbal commands as an action through the API to a specific ChromeCast or Google device. If you can get this to work the possibilities would be pretty limitless. Any action run as an event, (that could be spoken), could be sent with your plugin to do any number of things. From offering Spotify, Google Music, Netflix OR control to a normal command that would have to run through IFTTT as an event.

    An Example of a HomeSeer Event that would trigger an action, would be.
    IF "Office Motion" changes and becomes "Motion Detected"
    AND IF The Days of the week are: Monday, Tuesday, Friday
    AND IF The tis after sunrise but before 12:00PM
    THEN ?????????? Tell me about my day to "Office Speaker"

    Just my thoughts, but hoping it inspires some creative thinking.



      Hello, any update on this request?