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Timing bug when outputting a sound file, pause, then speech

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    Timing bug when outputting a sound file, pause, then speech

    There are two things that currently make the plugin unusable unfortunately. Especially on GH minis.

    First problem: Every time an event gets fired (in my case opening the front door) and a sound and announcement is made, the GH mini does its weird "connect chirp" first, the 1 second sound file is lost (sometimes the 2nd half can be heard) and the TTS comes in.
    When the same event is triggered right after, the sound plays followed by the TTS.

    Proposed solution: The plugin should ALWAYS stay connected to the google mini/chromecast etc and leave the audio channel permanently open, so the google doesn't go to sleep! When any disconnects happen, the plugin should of course endlessly try to reconnect until the connection is re-established.

    Second Problem: When any audio file is played, followed by a programmed delay and then TTS using the normal HS speaker client it works fine. Play a 1 second audio clip, wait for 1 second, then speak something. Audio plays (until the end) and TTS announcement nicely comes in. With the plugin the audio plays about 3/4 of the way, is abruptly cut off and then the TTS comes in. The plugin doesn't seem to honor the "play audio file, delay, speak" sequence properly.

    Easy to test. Create a 1 second wav file and make an event that plays the wav, waits 1 second and then speaks something. And no, the "wait for audio to finish" is not an option because then it waits forever until it finally plays the TTS and there is a long, awkward silence!

    I too am annoyed by the connect chirp. I've read that some overcome this by repeatedly sending/casting a file to it that only has 20Hz audio, or something else that won't be heard. Seems like an audio file with silence would work but I haven't tried either. I also don't know if it would be a good idea to do this as it may constantly interrupt normal operation, like responding to a question.

    As for your other issue, it came to light in another thread that this plugin currently does not support the "Wait" parameter when playing or speaking. Hopefully that gets added in the future. I too experience problems related to this.
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      For now I have found a much more elegant solution. Also much cheaper on top of that since HS3 plugins seem to be outrageously overpriced anyway. I used an old Apple Airport Express with Airplay and a Windows app called TuneBlade. TuneBlade opens a connection via airplay and continuously streams the Windows system audio ,including silence! So there is no annoying connection delay, there is no chirp since airplay doesn't have that and it even shows the latency, currently 349ms which is barely noticable when opening a door and HS3 giving the chime and announcement. Has been working perfectly for the last few days. And on top of that I have the Airport Express connected via Cat5, so no potential WIFI issues.
      Still I like the idea of the chromecast since the little pucks are so cheap and the google home mini speakers are cheap and convenient to place anywhere. This plugin just needs to do the same thing as TuneBlade. Open the connection to the chromecast and continuously stream silence until something needs to be played or said. Boom, two birld with one stone. No more connect chirp and no annoying connect delay.