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Problem with Google Nest Hub losing connectivity

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    Problem with Google Nest Hub losing connectivity

    I installed the Chromecast plug in a day ago and after I got avahi working with my firewall I was able to discover and add 4 of 5 devices to Chromecast.

    The one that is an outlier is a new Google device, now branded the Google Nest Hub. I know others on this forum have had issues with maintaining connectivity.

    I'm still stuck with this one outlier. The plug in recognizes the device but it loses connectivity very quickly.

    From the CLI, the device is seen by avahi / zeroconf.

    #: avahi-browse -avt

    I can ping the device as well. It's a bit slower than all the other google devices, but each ping is under 100ms. The other devices are less than 10ms. I've tried to move the device and change SSID but no improvement.

    Thank you Spud for this plugin. Once the connectivity is settled, this would be a top plug in for me.