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Unable to control group devices

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    Unable to control group devices

    Is anyone able to control group device?

    I have 3 groups, Speakers, Display and Whole house, when i try to change the volume on either group, nothing happens to the devices in the group.

    logs attached

    Group volume control works for me while the group is playing. The individual devices update in HS also. Are you trying to do this while the group isn't playing?

    Group volumes are based on the volumes of the individual devices. It doesn't seem the group volume or ratios between speakers is remembered. As such, I use this plugin to detect when a group starts playing, and then adjust all of the individual speakers' volumes via an event. If you're doing multi-room audio and like your volumes set just right, I recommend this method. Once the group is playing, you should be able to adjust the volume of all participating devices via the group's controls.
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