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  • Resources and limits

    I know you are using the multi instance plugin, is there a limit to the number of instances? I am talking with someone who has 20 devices in his bar, and I know I can use another system, but adding the z-wave component to it makes it more than using HS3 on a computer. I don't know what resources each instance use to determine if that would be too much for the system to handle.

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    each plugin instance uses something between 5MB and 15MB of RAM, and a very low CPU%, so I don't think running 20 DirecTV instances would be a problem on most HS3 controllers.


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      Thanks, I didn't think it should, but wanted to make sure since between new audio and the automation this isn't going to be an inexpensive project. He is wanting some unique things for the bar, like buttons to play different fight songs through the speakers that the tv's are connected to. Last thing I needed was something that I didn't think would be the problem actually be the problem