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How to Get Plugin to see config files

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  • How to Get Plugin to see config files

    I was updating a different plugin and it froze Homeseer. I restarted and all my plugins were disabled. When I enable DirecTV, it doesn't remember all the different instances so I would have to redo all configurations.

    I can still see the different instances in config folder, the plugin just doesn't "see" them.

    Any Idea how I can get the instances to show back up without creating them again. I have 7 boxes so it is quite a chore to add them and I have to rename each box as before or I have to update all the HSTouch screens.

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    what do you mean by "it doesn't remember all the different instances" ?

    if the ini files for the DirecTV instances are still in the Config folder, and if you start one instance with a name that already existed, it should read the config from the existing ini file.


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      When I restarted Homeseer, the directv plugin was disabled. I enabled and all that showed up was below:

      The config files are still in folder:

      I am going to try to label it the same and see if it works.


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        Ok, adding the instances back worked. I wish I would have known that last time but I didn't ask so can't fault you. I have 7 boxes so it was a lot of updating since I named the instances different as to not overwrite them.