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Weird Audio Sleep Issue

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  • Weird Audio Sleep Issue

    Anyone seeing this?

    Setup: I have an HR24 plugged into HDMI to my TV and I use red/white RCAs to my whole home audio. I use a Homeseer event to change the DTV box to a music channel when the TV is not in use so I can listen to audio.

    Well after the UI update a while back the audio goes to sleep when the TV after a day or so of inactivity. I can send commands to the DTV box, change channel, turn it on/off, but the audio doesn't come on over the RCAs. When I send invalid buttons (ie Red/Green) it gives the sound affect, but still no channel audio. Once I turn on the TV the audio comes back over the RCAs.

    I realize this isn't a plug-in issue, but wondering if anyone has any ideas?