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Would it be difficult to make one for HS2?

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  • Would it be difficult to make one for HS2?

    I have HS3 and downloaded the HS3 plugin and it works great. I can't totally commit to HS3 since USB-uirt is not ported over. Is it possible to modify this plugin to work with HS2?

    I have tried the other Directv plugin for HS2 but it is not functioning the way I would like.

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    As HS3 is almost out of Beta, I think there will be very little demand for a HS2 plugin in the future. So, unless you are willing to compensate me for the time it would take me, I won't do it, sorry.


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      How much are we talking about? I would be more than willing to buy the HS3 version now and then buy the HS2 version when complete. I am sure I wouldn't be the only one wanting the HS2 version, but I understand time is money so no hard feelings if HS2 plugin is out of the picture.


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        I just wanted to mention, the USB-UIRT plugin has been made available for HS3 so I have now purchased this plugin and it is perfect for what I am trying to do in HSTouch.

        Do you know if it would be possible to add a polling time frame to this plugin? There have been instances where I would change the channel and the call sign, title, etc would never get updated. I would have to make another button press for it to update.


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          In the config page there is a setting called "Poll for status every X minutes". Isn't it what you are looking for?


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            I completely overlooked that on the config file. That is what I was looking for.