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    Why wont the plug in control the power on and off for my genie client? It works for the HD DVR but not for the clients. Everything else works for the Client, just not the power
    Last edited by cpd5899; January 6th, 2016, 03:25 PM.

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    I don't have a Genie client to test with but some other users have reported the same thing.
    Set the log level to debug, and please post the logs you get when you try to power off.

    Do you have power saving mode on this receiver? could you try to turn that on/off to see if that makes any difference.



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      Sorry its taken so long to get back... I cant find the log. Its been set to debug and I cant seem to find its location.

      I changed the power setting back and forth and still nothing.


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        Originally posted by cpd5899 View Post
        Sorry its taken so long to get back... I cant find the log. Its been set to debug and I cant seem to find its location.

        I changed the power setting back and forth and still nothing.
        the logs are not written to a file, but to the HS logs, so you can access them from the web interface View > Log


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          Here is what I get when the client is off and I click either the power button, power on & power off buttons. The mode of the client states its in standby mode.

          PHP Code:
          Feb-18 10:50:04 AM         DirecTV    DEBUG "locations": [{ "clientAddr""0""locationName""MAIN" }], "status": { "code"200"commandResult"0"msg""OK.""query""/info/getLocations" } }
          Feb-18 10:50:04 AM         DirecTV    INFO CMD SENThttp://
          Feb-18 10:49:59 AM         DirecTV    DEBUG {"status": { "code"400"commandResult"1"msg""Bad Request.Exception=null""query""/remote/processKey?key=poweroff&clientAddr=6CB56B6BE9D5" }}
          Feb-18 10:49:59 AM         DirecTV    INFO WebExceptionProtocolError The remote server returned an error: (400Bad Request.
          Feb-18 10:49:59 AM         DirecTV    INFO CMD SENThttp://
          Feb-18 10:49:57 AM         DirecTV    DEBUG {"status": { "code"400"commandResult"1"msg""Bad Request.Exception=null""query""/remote/processKey?key=poweron&clientAddr=6CB56B6BE9D5" }}
          Feb-18 10:49:57 AM         DirecTV    INFO WebExceptionProtocolError The remote server returned an error: (400Bad Request.
          Feb-18 10:49:57 AM         DirecTV    INFO CMD SENThttp://
          Feb-18 10:49:56 AM         DirecTV    DEBUG {"status": { "code"400"commandResult"1"msg""Bad Request.Exception=null""query""/remote/processKey?key=power&clientAddr=6CB56B6BE9D5" }}
          Feb-18 10:49:56 AM         DirecTV    INFO WebExceptionProtocolError The remote server returned an error: (400Bad Request.
          Feb-18 10:49:56 AM         DirecTV    INFO CMD SENThttp://
          Feb-18 10:49:52 AM         DirecTV    DEBUG "locations": [{ "clientAddr""0""locationName""MAIN" }], "status": { "code"200"commandResult"0"msg""OK.""query""/info/getLocations" } }
          Feb-18 10:49:52 AM         DirecTV    DEBUG "callsign""DSJRHD""date""20130524""duration"1800"episodeTitle""Jake and Sneaky LeBeak; Cubby the Brave!""isOffAir"false"isPclocked"3"isPpv"false"isRecording"false"isVod"false"major"289"minor"65535"offset"4374"programId""10416728""rating""TV-Y""startTime"1455813000"stationId"6580965"status": { "code"200"commandResult"0"msg""OK.""query""/tv/getTuned?clientAddr=0" }, "title""Jake and the Never Land Pirates" }
          Feb-18 10:49:52 AM         DirecTV    INFO CMD SENThttp://
          Feb-18 10:49:52 AM         DirecTV    INFO CMD SENThttp://
          Feb-18 10:49:52 AM         DirecTV    DEBUG "mode"0"status": { "code"200"commandResult"0"msg""OK.""query""/info/mode?clientAddr=0" } }
          Feb-18 10:49:52 AM         DirecTV    INFO CMD SENThttp:// 


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            well, I don't think it is possible to turn on a client. I went into my DirecTV app, and attempted to use the remote within the app. It seems that if the client its turned off, it will not be connected to the network. Even the app was unable to located the client until it was turned on.... I would assume the only way is via IR to turn on the client and then ur plugin to control the client and receive its status.