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HSTV 3 download/install

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  • CFGuy
    New version posted tonight.
    See the fiirst post to download and install.

    Version 3.1.4
    Added integration with the Random Phrase module of the Misc Plugin.

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  • CFGuy
    started a topic HSTV 3 download/install

    HSTV 3 download/install

    Because there is quite a bit to set this up, I recommend that you download and look through the documentation to make sure this does what you wanting.
    Depending on the number of channels that you have, the download and import can take a long time.

    Version 3.1.6
    Fixed bug with compact database not turning the normal functions back on.

    Version 3.1.4
    Added integration with the Random Phrase module in the Misc Plugin.

    To view the documentation download the HSTV Admin.doc file.

    Link to download HSTV 3.1.6 zip file

    Instructions for installing
    New Install
    1. Put the file into the HomeSeer/updates2/zips folder.
    2. Put the file pending.txt into the HomeSeer/updates2 folder. Download here:
    3. Restart HomeSeer.
    4. This will install HSTV the same as if you had downloaded it from the Updater.
    5. Go to the Setup, Interfaces and activate the HSTV plugin.
    6. Click on the Help Button to go to the HomeSeer help menu.
    7. Click on HSTV Admin Help link to get the Install Wizard instructions.
    8. When the Install Wizard is finished, continue on with the HSTV Admin Help starting at the General Settings

    Upgrade Existing Install
    1. Stop HomeSeer
    2. Copy the HSPI_HSTV.dll file into the HomeSeer directory.
    2. Restart HomeSeer

    HS Touch Users
    1. Click on the Channel icone to run a script.
    When a channel icons is clicked on a script will be called.
    The name of the script is HSTVTouch.vb
    The channel number will be sent as a parameter for the script.
    If you wish to have the current user name sent to the script as well then add the following line to the hspi_hstv.ini file. It must be in the [Settings] section.

    The user name and channel number will be sent to the script as one parameter value and must be seperated in the script.
    Here is an example script to get the user name and the channel number.
    The channel number is then made into a string that can be used by HomeSeers SendIR function.
    PHP Code:
    Sub Main(ByVal sChanNum As String)
    Dim aParams as Array
    Dim x as Integer
        Dim sChan
    sUser as String
        Dim sIR 
    as String ""
    Dim sDevice as String "IrDeviceName"
    aParams sChanNum.split("|")
    sChan aParams(1)
    sUser aParams(0)
    sIR sDevice ","
    For 1 to sChan.Length
    if 1 Then
    sIR ","
    End if
    sIR sIR sChan.Substring(x-1,1)
    sIR ",Enter"
    hs.WriteLog(IName,"Tune to channel " sIR " for " sUser)
    hs.SendIR (sIR)
    End Sub 

    2. Control the looks of the page
    Check the style sheet and add the following if it is not there already:
    You can modify the backround url, width and height to what ever size you need.

    .hstvtablerowodd {
    background: url('/images/HSTV/touchRowOdd.gif') no-repeat;
    .hstvtablerowodddiv {
    margin-left: 10px;
    .hstvtableroweven {
    background: url('/images/HSTV/touchRowOdd.gif');
    .hstvtablerowevendiv {
    margin-left: 5px;
    .hstvbody {
    background-image : url('/Images/HSTV/android-intrigue-800.jpg');
    background-repeat : repeat-y;

    Version 3.1.3
    Added ability to view/restore deleted channels
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