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Setting up speaking reminders with HSTV 3.

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  • Setting up speaking reminders with HSTV 3.


    Have been using HSTV for years and recently switched to version 3 and I have been unable to get the speaking reminders to work. I have setup the 'Favorites' and they are showing up correctly under the 'Scheduled" page. I have also created a control Item called Reminder with the item type "remind". I then added a 'Speak' item with a speak string of '#showTitle# is on channel #chanNum# at #ShowTime#'. I also selected to have it speak 10 minutes before the show starts.

    At first I didn't have single ' around the speach string, but found that I received errors when the import event ran in the morning so I added the ' around them and the errors seem to have gone away, but I still have not been able to get any of them announce. I'm sure I must be missing something, but have run out of ideas.

    Thanks for your help and your great plug-ins.


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    When you click on Speak to edit the info, you should end up on a page titled Control Item TTS Setup.
    You do not need to put the quotes around the text to speak. If you are getting an error during the import it is from something else.

    What do you have entered in the Host textbox? This controls which of the HS speaker apps the speaking gets sent to. If you want it to go to all of them you use *:*

    For example I have a speak setup like this:

    Script Before Speaking: None
    Minutes early: 2
    Speaking to Background: No
    Host: HomeNGoefault
    Speak String: Tune to channel #chanNum# now to watch #showTitle#.
    Script After: None
    Enable Speech: 6:00 AM
    Disable Speech: 10:00 PM
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      I think it must have been the host name for the speaker client. I had left it blank and also tried putting in the specific client, but I am guessing I must have had a typo because that had not worked. I switched it to *:* and it seems to be working correctly.

      Thanks for your help,


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        I have also found that if you don't change the default time to speak that the event will not fire. The default is 1:00 AM to 1:00 AM... which basically means that it would not speak except at exactly 1:00 AM.

        Just put in what you would consider your "normal" awake hours.