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HSTV 3 database size.

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    When I manually compressthe database, I don't receive any error message in the query. Until there is a solution, I will have to restart Homeseer each day and before restarting, compact the database, after restarting Homeseer, I will have to run the import event. I am wondering if there is a way to compact the database by setting a time event with windows and not Homeseer.


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      Does your database grow over 1 meg every day?
      The problem is not Homeseer can't compact it.
      The problem is that as long as HS is running, the connection to the db is active and won't let the auto compact have control of the db to shrink it.
      So even if you scheduled something in with windows Access would not allow it to run the compact as the db is still considered in use.
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        The database grows about 50 to 100 megs a day. Remember Dish network has a lot of channels. I have figured out how to restart the computer every day and compact the database. This is what I did:

        1. I created an event to shut down Homeseer.

        2. I downloaded this freeware ( Thanks Neil)

        This allows me to delay the startup of Homeseer by as long as I want, to be safe I use 3 minutes.

        3. Then I have in Start Delay startup Access to only compact the HSTV database which takes about 1 minute well within the 3 minutes to start up Homeseer.

        4. Homeseer will then startup with the HSTV database compacted to a normal size.

        5. Created an event to Import the data files and now I don't get the error message. (The event was already created by Jeff)

        Hope this will help other people out with HSTV problem of not compacting the database.