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What do you guys use to record when using HSTV?

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  • What do you guys use to record when using HSTV?

    For those of you who use HSTV to record TV shows what do you record to? Do you still use VCR's or are you doing any digital recording?

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    I'm not using HSTV here but instead a program named GBPVR (Free btw). It records my wifes soaps, a movie here and there or whatever we see that strikes our fancy. It works very well for us, we've been using it for almost 3 years. It uses Hauppauge WinTVpvr USB TV Card to do the TV chores and records them to hard drive. We use a few Hauppauge MVP's to stream audio/video to modulators so we can choose what to view on any TV.
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      Back when I had an IR setup, I was using HSTV to record on my Dish Network DVR. Programs that I knew I wanted recorded I would just program into the DVR myself. Weekly things like LOST, Survivor, etc.

      I used HSTV to search the listings each night to find certain movies and then let it control the DVR to record them. For example, my wife likes John Wayne movies so I set HSTV to find any movie with John Wayne in it. That way I didn't have to search for them and program the DVR.
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