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    I was having problems with H/S, I think it was related to an IE upgrade. Anyway somehow HSTV decided to start using a different device code to display download, import, etc - status. These devices are already in use by my insteon switches and the on off buttons are still controlling the switches but the status is showing HSTV data. How do I get HSTV to put the data back into the right devices? The original HSTV devices still have the control buttons such as Import All, Repeat Last, which seem to still work but again the data is going into the wrong device status.

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    Bump :~)


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      Check in the settings.ini file. That is the config file for HomeSeer.

      There should be a setting similiar to this


      It sounds like that is off for some reason.
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        Thanks, I was able to get the actual number I needed from a backup. Now I just need to seach out how to clear out the text that was written into those wrong devices.


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          Two ways to clear the text: 1. Create an event with a device action for that device, and where is offers (advanced event settings) to enter text to be displayed, enter the word clear, then run the event (you can then delete it). 2. See the SetDeviceString command - set the device to an empty string ("")

          Plug-ins and scripts can ask HomeSeer for an available I/O code, and HomeSeer goes through all of the devices looking for one that is available. The code it selects is based upon what is already existing in HomeSeer, which is important for what is coming next. Now after it gets the code, some plug-ins store this in their own INI file, sometimes in the Settings.ini file, and sometimes they store it as a character, sometimes they store it as the numerical value for that character.

          Now here is the catch - if plug-in "A" is vended code "[", and it does NOT create any devies, but stores that code, then plug-in "B" asks for a code, it will also be vended "[" because "A" did not create any devices using that code. Now both plug-ins THINK they have "[" and that is how you get into this sticky situation.

          So I don't know which one screwed up - you said you had HSTV first, so it was likely Insteon that screwed up, but if you never ran HSTV until after you installed and configured Insteon, then perhaps HSTV had not yet created the device - who knows! Since HSTV does not obtain and store the I/O code like a plug-in - it asks you for the device address - it could have been a mistake you made. Either way, you can create a new device and tell HSTV what it is, or you can find where Insteon stores it's settings and change that, but it is likely that you will have to delete all of the devices and have them re-created if you go that route - changing HSTV is MUCH easier.

          Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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            I cleared the unwanted text with this script statement.
            &hs.SetDeviceString "A1","",true

            I had both insteon and HSTV working well for quite some time but upgraded internet explorer to I believe #7. This caused problems that I believe were related to IE remaining in the processes running after it was closed and sucking up the memory. ( I could be way off on that) Anyway I ended up uninstalling IE7 but then had problems with dot net 2.0 which I could not do anything with until I reinstalled IE7 - Removed dot net 2.0 - uninstalled IE7 and then finally reinstalling dot net2. During this process H/S was started without any dot net 2.0 on the system which may be what messed up my device strings.
            All is working as it should for now.