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  • Not using XMLTV?

    Is it possible to use HSTV without using XMLTV? I have an alternative program called DG2XML that should produce compatible data (from the UK Digiguide service). I have that all set up to produce the xml file, so really want to start at the data import, but the setup wizard seems XMLTV specific.


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    If the files use the same field names, then you can try letting hstv run the import.
    You are correct that hstv is pretty dependent on xmltv. At the time hstv was written xmltv was the only legal way to get the tv listings data. Well, the only legal and cheap way.

    So you will have to make sure the xml files get named in the expected format of:

    There are 3 events that hstv uses to get the data into the tables. Once you have the xml files in the
    HomeSeer 2\data\hstv\listings

    HSTV Download XML files - you won't need to run this one.

    You will need to run the other 2.
    HSTV Import XML files - Reads the XML files and puts the data into a temp table.
    HSTV Import Data - Reads the data in the temp table, does a bunch of validation and cleanup, then moves the data to the correct tables.

    You can setup hstv as if it was going to use xmltv, just don't run the first event and it won't actually try to use it. You will need to enter the grabber name but it really can be anything as long as what you enter in the xmltv setup matches whatever you use to name your xml files. I used tv_grab_na_dd in the file name above just because that is the grabber I use.
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      Thanks for the info. I thought about this meanwhile, and have thought of a conceptual solution - but not had time to try it. I will write a very small program to just copy the xml file from its current location to the xmltv output directory and simply rename it to xmltv.exe. Hopefully HSTV will then see the data in place and continue on.