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    Hi CFGUY,

    Just a quick one, is there any way I can call the HSTV listings or grid page in hstouch so it is just a fullscreen of just the listings or grid.

    Id like to display the TV guide in a HSTOUCH window if possible but with all of the links it would not fit well.
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    append hStyle=2 to the end of the URL


    Once the hStyle is on the URL the pages will keep it as you move from page to page.

    It you click on the hstv About button
    there is a link to HSTV in a large mode and a Pocket PC mode.
    The Pocket PC mode doesn't work anymore. It needed an old plugin that did wap. Shows how old that is.

    The large mode may be better than the hStyle=2 for you.
    In the HSTV admin area you can edit the style sheet.
    Look for the style names that have the word large or lg in them.
    They should all be near the top and will have sizes like 18pt or 22pt.
    If you change the sizes you can shrink the size of the display down to whatever size fits best in your screen.
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