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    Trouble with times

    I have tried many different combos to get my show times correct.
    I just can't figure this out.
    I have toggled the "Daylight Savings Auto Adjust Time" setting from Yes to No a couple times now.
    The tv_grab_na_dd.config file, I have now "-0600", but i have tried "-0500" and "-0700". I live in Iowa, which is the Central time zone.
    The pic attached is the closest i have gotten, but it's still 1 hour off.
    I must be missing some setting somewhere.
    Jeff, can you help me out?

    Thank you,
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    Toggling the Daylight Savings time auto adjust won't do anything because it only runs on the date that the clocks change time.

    The way HSTV works is it imports the data from the xml file, but after the import it no longer looks at the file so changing the time zone in xmltv will only affect new data. If you are running several days ahead, then it would be several days before you notice the change.

    On the database cleanup page there is a row with a dropdown with Add and Subtract as the options. If you need to add an hour to the data then select Add. Then in the next dropdown select 1 and click the Run button. This affects the actual data so you will be able to look at the listings grid to see the changes. The change in the devices will not happen until the next update, which if I remember correctly is every 30 minutes. After you have the times correct, go to xmltv and make sure it is set for the correct timezone. Central time zone should be a -5 now. That will get the new data coming in with the correct times.
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