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Device Code Problems

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    Device Code Problems

    I didn't notice at first, but HSTV has used the same house code - ' - that the ACRF2 plugin was using.
    Now some of my doors and widows devices are telling me - Bathroom door - "Your subscription will expire: 2016-05-29 "
    A window - "Nothing scheduled at this time. "

    What can I do to fix this?

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    HSTouch Layouts -

    I don't have a HS2 install to test this. I think that to fix it you will need to delete all of the HSTV devices. Shut down the plugin and then open the settings.ini file. The HS one not the hstv one.

    Look for a section called hspi_hstv.
    Find the key gBaseCode.
    Remove the value and leave it blank.
    Restart the plugin and hstv should get assigned another code and will recreate the main devices. You will have to edit the channel page to get the Next On devices back.

    Jeff Farmer
    HS 3, HSPhone
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