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  • Initial Release.

    Hi All,

    I have just released my Internet Radio Plugin.

    The allows you Homeseer server to become a Source Device or a Low Scale distributed Audio system. I use it with my Russound system.

    The Plugin is Multi Channel and will take advantage of all active sound output channels on the system including USB soundcards.

    It works with most Audio streams, Its Preferable to use a Shoutcast or IcyCast stream as it can decode them natively, Other streams are supported by require client side transcoding (Which happens on the fly, just creates a temp file while its going).

    The Plugin will get relevant Metadata if its available from the stream and try and find a Cover Image and some info about the Band or Song.

    If you have any issues or if there is anything you would like added please let me know.


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    Sooo, will this work with my Sirius XM subscription? I have the Internet addon?


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      Hi MrMxyzptlk,

      To be honest I have no idea.... If you can expose a link for the file stream then yep it should....

      But if that link requires any kind of login them perhaps not....

      Best to give it a try if possible.

      I would be happy to try and add support if your willing to workthrough it with me and do some testing?

      Did you have a link to the service? ill see if i can subscribe and get it sorted.... but it may be geolocked so i might have to work through that.