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    Apple TV Support?

    Currently I own an older generation Apple TV which I use as to play music through my airplay speakers in the home as I only own a laptop which is not always in the house.

    Will this plug in allow for control of the Apple TV as it would an iTunes instance?

    Thanks and Happy New Year,

    I don't have an Apple TV so I can't test, but as the plugin use the same mechanism that the Remote app to pair with iTunes or apple TV, there is good chances that it works.

    Best way to know is to try: I have adapted the instructions found on this page in the Apple TV (1st generation) section
    1. Install and enable the plugin.
    2. Go to the config page of the plugin and click on "Pair with iTunes"
    3. On Apple TV, select Settings from the main menu, select General and then Remotes.
    4. Select "HomeSeer iTunes Plugin"
    5. Enter any 4 digit passcode (1234 for example). Use the volume up/down keys on the Apple Remote (Infrared) to change the number that is displayed and the track next/back keys to switch digits.
    6. Click Done.


      I can confirm that this works on a first generation ATV. Though there isn't much that can be done with the device. Skip forward/back works as does pause/play. None of the content on the device shows up to be played. Interestingly, the volume controls do work even though there is no volume support on the device natively.

      So in summary, it is possible to say pause playback (say when the phone rings) but not choose what to play.

      I wonder if further control is possible or is that the limits of what the device can do remotely. I will try on an ATV2 when I have some more time.