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Volume - help me understand it!

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    Volume - help me understand it!

    Thanks again for a great plug-in.

    I liked it so good that I got 3 Bose SoundTouch 20 airplay speakers today and placed them Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen.

    When it's time to wake up Bedroom starts a playlist at volume 30% for that device.

    When I move to the bathroom it starts (motion detection with time options) another playlist in the Bathroom at volume 50%. Followed by Off at the Bedroom.

    At 06:30 it's time for the news, if it's playing it changes to another playlist which is radio and the volume is set to 75%. After 5 minutes it's back to the original playlist and volume 50%.

    When I leave the bathroom I press a button which starts kitchen with volume at 35%.

    So to the big question.

    How should I change the volume?

    I started by turning the "previous" device off. iTunes DAAP Bedroom to Off and then iTunes DAAP Bathroom to Volume=50% - for the first step. For the following "changes" I performed the same actions.

    When I passed the basement, I could hear that the stereo was playing. It's connected to "My computer" (I guess it's the name in English).

    Is this by design or is it because iTunes always need an active speaker?

    Of course I can add "My computer to Off" for every change, but I'm asking for the best practise...?


    What is the master volume?

    Thanks again.

    basically the volume and speakers work like in the iTunes GUI.

    iTunes always need at least one active speaker. if you disable them all then the local speakers will be automatically enabled again.

    the master volume is like the main volume slider you see on the iTunes GUI, it allows you to control the volume for all the active speakers at the same time.

    so, to switch the music from one room to another you should first enable the speaker in the next room, then disable the speaker in the previous room.


      OK, thanks for your quick answer.


        Sorry for asking, but this isn't working (for me).

        First I Set Device iTunes DAAP Bedroom to Volume=40%, the as the next step I start the playlist using iTunes DAAP Action.

        iTunes connects to the speaker, but there is a delay, so the "My computer" starts. Is this by design by iTunes or you?

        But then the Bose Airplay speaker starts playing after a few seconds and I have audio both places.

        Is there any way to avoid this? If the chosen speaker can't start, then don't play anything if you understand.

        When I only had 1 speaker it worked perfect.

        What have I missed and is doing wrong?


        After a lot of tests today I also managed to let iTunes DAAP keep the airplay speakers "busy".

        iTunes couldn't play to it before I took the power, not sure what the message was in English, but it said something like: "airplay unit is in use, please choose another unit" - from iTunes.

        The log also gave me a lot of these:

        des-21 18:13:53 Warning Plugin iTunesDAAP is not responding but it is still running, not restarting yet.
        des-21 18:29:43 iTunesDAAP ERROR SliderChange: cannot find speaker device C8AE9658F
        des-21 18:29:43 iTunesDAAP ERROR Cannot get speakers. Kan ikke koble til den eksterne serveren
        des-21 18:29:22 iTunesDAAP ERROR SliderChange: cannot find speaker device C8AE9658F
        des-21 14:24:19 iTunesDAAP ERROR Cannot set speakers. Den eksterne serveren returnerte feilen (903).

        Again thanks for a great plug-ins, I do hope you're able to help me to get this working.


          Not sure I understand... before you set the volume to 40% for the Bedroom speaker what speakers are enabled in iTunes?

          the plugin does not directly control the Airplay speakers, it just tells iTunes to do it, exactly as you were using the button and sliders from the iTunes GUI.