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Does Itunes (3P) support Multi-zones???

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  • Does Itunes (3P) support Multi-zones???


    I'm in the process of upgrading HS2 to HS3 Pro and looking for a media center plug-in that supports multi-zones. Anyone knows if this plug-in supports multi-zones running on the same HS3 machine? I use J.R. plug-in on HS2 machine for multi-zones but it does not have the plug-in for HS3.

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    iTunes supports multi zones through Airplay. Each Airplay Speaker is a zone, and you can select in iTunes the speakers you want to stream the audio to.

    However one iTunes instance can only stream one music at the same time, so if you want a multi-source system (i.e playing different music on different zones) you need to run multiple instances of iTunes which is not possible on one machine. So, you would need to run several instances on several virtual or physical machines, but all the instances can share the same music Library.


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      Hi Spud,

      Thank you for clarification. I need 5 zones so not sure if it makes sense to run 5 VMs.