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Airplay speak volume levels interferance

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  • Airplay speak volume levels interferance

    My volume controls will automatically adjust when the Airplay speak plugin is enabled. If I disable the plugin they will behave as expected. The behaviour is a little erratic. Sometimes the volume will stay put when adjusting through hstouch then I will adjust another speaker and the volume of the speaker that was originally adjusted will move.
    Is this by design? Am I now supposed to adjust the volume in ItunesDAAP?

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    are you saying that when you adjust the volume from the AirplaySpeak config page, it adjust the volume in iTunes?

    control of volume in iTunes DAAP and Airplay Speak are supposed to be independent


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      I'm saying if you adjust the speaker devices from the iTunes DAAP plugin from HSTouch or the Homeseer Home screen (I have 7 speaker clients) The first adjustment works ok but when you adjust multiple volumes usually after around 3 or 4 these adjustments it will affect the other speaker volumes. They will creep up and down This does not occur if Airplay speak is disabled.