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Kodi To HStouch How to??

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    Originally posted by happnatious1 View Post
    Thanks Spud,

    These are working great! finally getting back to working with HSTouch after rolling back all the betas because of stability issues and getting out of the hospital. (Colon cancer sucks)

    Kodi 17 actually has a really nice default web interface but I cant get it to work in HSTouch on android or windows. The Hax web interface appears to work on android but not windows. It doesn't show up in the designer but does after it is deployed.
    Happnatious1, Sorry to hear about cancer. I can only imagine how that changes ones life.
    Thanks for the help on this thread. How do you get Kodi 17 to load that nice interface in HStouch?


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      In your Kodi instance under addons you can add additional web interfaces.

      Then in HSTouch add a text element set the ishtml and allow navigation to true and set its text property to the web address of your desired interface such as:
      If it ain't broke, don't fix it!


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        Thanks for the help. This is great.


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          I am also trying to get KODI to work with HSTouch and while I can get most of the items working that I have tried, I am unable to figure out the pulldowns for artist and album. I can get everything to work on HomeSeer(Zee S2). Any ideas what I am missing? I have the 17.6 on Kodi and the latest load on the KODI plugin.