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IR Remote / Keyboard Button Press to trigger event

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  • IR Remote / Keyboard Button Press to trigger event

    Hi, Is there anyway that we can fire off events from IR button presses to kodi.

    I would like to map a keypress or IR Remote button press to an event in homeseer. Is this possible?

    Squeezebox plugin in homeseer has a virtual device that gets created call Last IR Button Press or something like that.

    Having this ability from Kodi would greatly expand the integration between the most user friendly item in my house (the TV) and the automation. I can offhand think of about 10 uses that i would use this for immediately.

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    yes this is possible, you need to use a keymap file ( to map the key you want to use on your remote to the NotifyAll function

          <blue>XBMC.NotifyAll(SimpleScript, Toggle Lights)</blue>
    You can use anything you want as first and second parameters
    Then in HS use the Kodi Addon Trigger as in the screenshot below, and set the sender field to the first parameter, and the message field to the second parameter

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks for this. I saw your sticky on this after i posted. I will play with this for certain specific button mappings. I was hoping though that i could use a virtual device as a trigger though to utilize existing mapped IR button presses.

      Here is a use case to describe. I have Kodi and SqueezeLite running on my HTPC. I bascially wanted to control the squeezebox player with with kodi IR remote. While i can do this with the way you described, i would need to globally map certain buttons to those Squeezelite functions which would render the button useless to kodi.

      If there were a virtual device in homeseer that updated with last IR command the event logic would go something like this:

      IF TV Squeezeplayer is PLAYING AND TV KODI LAST IR COMMAND is Skip THEN Skip tracks.

      Not sure if that level of information is available to the Kodi plugin or not but i thought i would ask