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Spud - Please fix this annoyance

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  • Spud - Please fix this annoyance

    Hi Spud,
    The problem I identified several weeks ago hit me again. I updated my Kodi instance and the setup routine reset several config items. One being the name which Kodi is advertising on the network.

    When this happens your plugin creates a completely new set of device for the SAME IP address and all the Events stop working.

    I hope you see that while you were trying to make it easy to use, your methodology creates problems if anything unexpected happens with the Kodi settings.

    I ask for something I hope is simple for you to implement one of several of these, In the plugin...

    Allow the HS user to disable autodiscover

    or, preferably and IMO a better solution...

    Allow the HS user to set the plugin to not create a new set of devices if the IP address is the same as one that already exists in the plugin

    thank you

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    I fixed this in version available in the Beta section of the updater.

    Now if the plugin discovers a Kodi instance with an unknown name but with a known ip, it will update the name for this instance and do not recreate devices.

    Please test and let me know. Thanks