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plugin not recognizing movie till pause pressed

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  • plugin not recognizing movie till pause pressed

    This was working under 17. I upgraded to 18 at the start of the year, but not had a chance to watch any movies because of life...

    I'm not running kodi 18.3 with version

    When a movie starts up, I have a trigger set so that it does various things with the lights etc. Previously, and I don't know which version of kodi/plugin that it stopped working, it was all fine.

    Now, when I start a movie, the plugin doesn't recognize that a movie is being played, and doesn't fire off the triggers. When I press pause, it then recognizes that a movie is being played, and fires off the appropriate triggers, and when you start playing again, the appropriate triggers fire off.

    Looking at the web interface on HS, when the initial play is pressed, nothing shows, but as soon as pause is pressed, everything populates,

    I've just looked at playing a TVShow, and it's showing the same issues - I don't have any triggers for TV shows, so I've never really noticed that in the past (we've been mostly watching TVShows for the past 6 months).

    I've tried to look for the Kodi logs to see if there's anything obvious in there, and for some reason I can't find them. Where should they be?

    A reboot of kodi doesn't fix the issue, and a disconnect/reconnect of the plugin to kodi doesn't resolve it either.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?



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    what version of the Kodi plugin are you using? If so it is a very old version of the XBMC plugin, you need to upgrade to the latest version of the Kodi plugin, read this:


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      You know, I was all happy that I'd been keeping my plugins updated... I knew that you'd rename the plugin for new installs, but for some reason it didn't click that I needed to remove the old version and install the new.

      I did that at the start of the week, and it is now working fine - I was waiting till I managed to find my old license info to get the trial of the kodi plugin transferred over.

      So, thanks very much - it's all good and happy now.