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Kodi/XBMC Plug-in - Beta Testing

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  • Kodi/XBMC Plug-in - Beta Testing

    This plugin is designed to allow HomeSeer to control any instance of Kodi running on your local network.

    Please report any bug.

    Please read the User Guide before installing.

    • download the zip attached to this post and save it in the HS3 application folder in /Updates3/Zips
    • download the file named updater_override.txt attached to this post and save it in the HS3 application folder.
    • go to the "PLUG-INS > Manage" page and click the "Update Listing" button, then click "Additional interfaces > Kodi Plugin" and check the Kodi line.
    • click the "Download and Install" button
    • enable the plugin from the "PLUG-INS > Manage" page
    • delete updater_override.txt from your HS3 application folder

    Changes to v3.0.1.14
    - Added "Player Open Media > Playlist" action

    Changes to v3.0.1.13
    - Fixed status device by relying on Play/Pause notifications rather than the speed field

    Changes to v3.0.1.12
    - Fixed problem due to changes in Kodi version 18 (Leia)

    Changes to v3.0.1.11
    - Added "Player Enable Party Mode" and "Player Disable Party Mode" event actions
    - Added possibility to delete an unused player from config page.

    Changes to v3.0.1.10
    - Fixed problem with new set of devices being created if the Kodi instance has its name changed

    Changes to v3.0.1.9
    - Fixed PlayerOpenMedia scripting function so that it match the "Player Open Media" event action

    Changes to v3.0.1.8
    - Changed avahi lib to fix discovery problems on Linux.

    Changes to v3.0.1.7
    - Added optional "Image URL" parameter to the "GUI Show Notification" action and scripting function

    Changes to v3.0.1.6
    - Added "Profile Load" event action
    - Added optional devices for music (artist, album, genre) and PVR (channel, channel number)
    - Fixed problem with shuffle and repeat controls

    Changes to v3.0.1.5
    - Fixed problem with thumbnail and fanart images for music

    Changes to v3.0.1.4
    - Fixed problem with download of thumbnail and fanart images

    Changes to v3.0.1.3
    - Ping Kodi player every minute and try reconnecting if disconnection is detected
    - Fixed duplicate TCP connection when the Kodi machine has several IP.

    Changes to v3.0.1.2
    - Added possibility to play a favourite using the "Player Open Media" action

    Changes to v3.0.1.1
    - Fixed error when movieid = 0 preventing status device to be updated.

    Changes to v3.0.1.0
    - The XBMC plug-in was renamed Kodi
    Read this post for details on how to upgrade to this version

    Changes to v3.0.0.41
    - Log all JSON traffic at debug level
    - Added possibility to log to file

    Changes to v3.0.0.40
    - Support for Kodi TCP server running on a port different from 9090
    - Fixed problem with zeroconf lib (used for discovery) getting stuck sometimes

    Changes to v3.0.0.39
    - Fixed some Connection/disconnection issues.

    Changes to v3.0.0.38
    - Added channel name as a dropdown list for the "Player Open Media" action

    Changes to v3.0.0.37
    - Fixed title for streamed TV Shows
    - Fixed copy/paste of actions/triggers

    Changes to v3.0.0.36
    - Evaluate global variables for message sent with the "GUI Show Notification" action

    Changes to v3.0.0.35
    - Added channel as a possible media type for the "Player Open Media" action
    - Strip out {} or <> tags from notifications

    Changes to v3.0.0.34
    - Added possibility to add parameters to the "Execute Addon" action

    Changes to v3.0.0.33
    - Added GetCurrentstereoscopicMode scripting function
    - Fixed "Switch Player" action

    Changes to v3.0.0.32:
    - Fixed thumbnail and fan art image not showing in HSTouch

    Changes to v3.0.0.31:
    - Added device for Fan Art
    - Added GetCurrentAspectRatio scripting function

    Changes to v3.0.0.30:
    - Linux support

    Changes to v3.0.0.29:
    - Added value/status pairs for Type and Media Type devices

    Changes to v3.0.0.28:
    - Added GetCurrentMediaType and PlayerOpenMedia scripting functions
    - Fixed backward compatibility issue with music

    Changes to v3.0.0.27:
    - Added GetCurrentTime and GetTotalTime scripting functions
    - Fixed backward compatibility issues

    Changes to v3.0.0.26:
    - Added "Switch Player" action (needs XBMC/Kodi version 14 or later)

    Changes to v3.0.0.25:
    - Added "Enable Addon" and "Disable Addon" actions

    Changes to v3.0.0.24:
    - Added display time as a parameter for GUI Notifications

    Changes to v3.0.0.23:
    - XBMC plugin as Speak Proxy to send GUI Notifications

    Changes to v3.0.0.22:
    - Added GUIShowNotification as a scripting function

    Changes to v3.0.0.21:
    - Added Disconnected and Connected status values to the root device.

    Changes to v3.0.0.20:
    - Fixed crash when XBMC is not shutdown gracefully.

    Changes to v3.0.0.19:
    - Title device for tv shows is now formatted as "<TV Show Title> SXXEYY - <Episode Title>"

    Changes to v3.0.0.18:
    - Added "Execute Addon" action

    Changes to v3.0.0.17:
    - Added "Connect" and "Disconnect" actions and buttons

    Changes to v3.0.0.16:
    - Added "Application Quit" Action
    - Added possibility to ignore XBMC instance by adding <id>###enabled=false in the PLAYERS section of XBMC.ini

    Changes to v3.0.0.15:
    - Added "Rewind" and "Fast Forward" buttons to the Status device
    - Possibility to suppress hs header and footer on player page
    - Cosmetic changes in config page

    Changes to v3.0.0.14:
    - Added "GetCurrentMediaID" and "GetCurrentGenre" scripting functions

    Changes to v3.0.0.13:
    - Added "Send Text" text box to the "Remote Control" device

    Changes to v3.0.0.12:
    - Added File media type to "Player Open Media" Action

    Changes to v3.0.0.11:
    - Added "Remote Control" device

    Changes to v3.0.0.10:
    - Fixed problem with XBMC notifications that stopped working when several ones were received at the same time..

    Changes to v3.0.0.9:
    - Added "Player Open Media" Action.

    Changes to v3.0.0.8:
    - Fixed "GUI Show Notification" Action.

    Changes to v3.0.0.7:
    - Added "MPAA Rating" device.

    Changes to v3.0.0.6:
    - Added "Media Type" device.
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    Last edited by spud; February 20th, 2019, 02:29 PM.

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    I've installed the plugin.
    Now this may be an issue on my part, but how do you add a client in the config portion of the plugin? It hasn't discovered my XBMC media center and I have all of the XBMC settings listed above. I do have an username and password that needs to be entered, but I can't see how


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      Originally posted by bernieb View Post
      I've installed the plugin.
      Now this may be an issue on my part, but how do you add a client in the config portion of the plugin? It hasn't discovered my XBMC media center and I have all of the XBMC settings listed above. I do have an username and password that needs to be entered, but I can't see how
      Right now you can't manually add a client, I will add this feature soon. The plugin is supposed to auto discover the running XBMC clients (except if they run on Android which is a known problem)

      On what platform do you run XBMC?
      Could you try to set the log level to debug and check if you see some log lines like the following (or some errors) when you start your XBMC client?
      02/09/2013 11:44:51 AM XBMC INFO Resolved Service: TV Room - _xbmc-jsonrpc-h._tcp. - - 85
      02/09/2013 11:44:51 AM XBMC INFO Resolved Service: TV Room - _xbmc-jsonrpc._tcp. - - 9090
      02/09/2013 11:44:51 AM XBMC INFO Found Service: TV Room
      02/09/2013 11:44:51 AM XBMC INFO Found Service: TV Room
      Also if you change the settings in XBMC, you may have to restart it before they are taken into account


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        After posting, I realized that it seemed to be a connection issue. So I installed your version of Bonjour and I am not connected. (installed on both the xbmc server and hs server) Now seems like it's working well. Thanks
        BTW: Paltform is Windows 7 32bit - XBMC Frodo 12.2


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          Waiting for delivery of my Raspberry Pi"s
          Ubuntu 16.10 (64) | HSPro | Z-Wave | Server .94 | BL BackUp | BLOccupied | BLLock | Media Controller | Jowi HUE | HSTouch | DSC-Envisalink | I-Tunes DAAP | DirecTV | Restart | Honeywell WiFi | Weather XML | RFX Com | + Android .117 : IOS 8


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            Error Message


            Here is the error message that I receive yesterday and also today.
            I tried to get the MS Error Report, but as you know this one is hard to get, MS is now allowing Cut & Paste from the message. Not sure if it's going to help or not.
            Keep in mind that this test machine is not the most stable PC that I have around but all that I have to test HS3 for now.
            Attached Files


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              what were you doing when this error happened?
              could you send me the HS logs?
              and if not already done, please set the log level to Debug in the config page.


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                The only thing that could have been running during this time is a virus scan. Except for that I didn't touch the machine. I've set the log level to Debug, will let you know if it happens again


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                  version atached to first post

                  I have added the following Actions:
                  • Audio Library Scan
                  • Video Library Scan
                  • Input Execute Action

                  and the following Triggers
                  • System On Low Battery
                  • System On Quit
                  • System On Restart
                  • System On Sleep
                  • System On Wake
                  • Addon Trigger

                  The Addon Trigger is particularly interesting because it allows you to trigger some HS events from any XBMC Addon or script, you just have to call JSONRPC.NotifyAll(sender, message) from the script or addon.


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                    in updater

                    version is now in the updater


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                      Hey Spud,
                      I haven't had a chance to test yet, hopefully this weekend if my wife goes and visits her mother

                      OK, so I have to ask since I saw your feature of Video Library Scan
                      I know that this is not related even by a long shot ... but maybe you ran in to something that could help

                      I am having a hard time remembering which movies I have in my collection. If I am at the store, I wanted a way to double check if I already have it or not

                      Almost a solution:
                      I did see that Blade (I think) has a video list importer that would take an xml file in DVDProfiler format and import to an html page ... I think, I'd have to look at this again.

                      Do you know if there is a way to trigger some sort of export from the XBMC database for movie names only and populate an html page? My goal would be to make a screen in HS Touch that would load that html page so that I could check anywhere I am for a movie.

                      What would be best is to automate the XBMC database extract on a daily basis to be picked up and imported in HS to populate a web page

                      Any ideas?


                      • #12
                        there is a VideoLibrary.Export function in the API, I can add it in the XBMC plugin as an XBMC action, that would allow you to create an Event to export your library daily (Note that as this action would need to have one XBMC running, it's maybe better to trigger this action everytime XBMC starts)

                        the output format of this export function is an xml file, that you would then need to parse to create a html page. Check the following links, you're not the only one trying to do something like that:

                        I also found this program that directly create a html page from your XBMC db:


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                          Thanks Spud ... I knew that you would have found a solution.
                          I think what would be best for me would be a process that would include the VideoLibrary.Export function. This way I could have an all around automated solution

                          I have no issues as my XBMC box is on all the time.
                          I could have HS trigger the export
                          then parse the data by following the information on this website (the one from plastic living had a dead link to the xls file)

                          After some research, I am also looking at a tool called nxslt v2.2 that seems to export directly to html. Not that I don't want to use Micorosft's msxlt but it requires some dependencies and would like to keep my HS box as lean as possible

                          I'll keep you updated on how I make out. If you would include the function in a future release, that would be great. Thanks


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                            Originally posted by bernieb View Post
                            If you would include the function in a future release, that would be great. Thanks
                            sure, it will be added in the next release.

                            another quick solution to your problem is to use the webserver embedded in xbmc: if you go to http://<your_xbmc_ip>:<your_xbmc_port> from a browser, you can browse all your movies / tv shows / music


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                              version attached to first post

                              I have added the following Actions:
                              • Audio Library Export
                              • Video Library Export
                              • GUI Activate Window

                              bernieb, you can now export your library from an HS event:
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	videolibraryexport.jpg
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