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Triggers Firing Incorrectly

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  • Triggers Firing Incorrectly

    I'm finding that about 10% of the time, when I start/resume or stop/pause a video that nothing happens. My kitchen light is currently on and I start a new TV show or watch a live channel and nothing happens. In fact, it seems that the plug-in is switching to the wrong status:

    May-31 6:17:35 PM Device Control Device: First Floor Kitchen Overhead Lights to On (255) May-31 6:17:35 PM Event Event Trigger "Kodi Kitchen Kodi Paused OR Stopped"

    But I had just started a live TV show and it thinks it's paused or stopped so it tries to switch the light back on.

    What other information can I post to help in diagnosing this?

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    post a screenshot of the definition of your Event
    set the log level to Debug in the XBMC config page,
    and post the logs you get when the problem happens


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      I'm having the same issue here. It takes time for the device to be updated with Kodi status. Specially when a new movie / show is selected and played. Around 10 seconds then it's working fine after that with play and pause.