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Plug-In connect sbut cant control XBMC

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  • Plug-In connect sbut cant control XBMC

    Hi Spud,

    I installed XMBC from Kodi/xbmc, I already have iTunes and thus Bonjur service running.
    The Plugin is able to connect to the XMBC but it seems that it cant control it, meaning nothing happens when I select movies, or pictures through the plugin.

    The plug-in is connecting see screenshot below:

    and the plugin is set to debug but I only see it connects nothing more see screenshot.
    If I log into XMBC directly I can see and play movies and pictures, so I know the XMBC is working.

    The version of the XMBC/KODI I am using is: KOdi 15.1 Git:20150816-f4dda26 (Compiled Aug 16 2015)

    Last screenshot is of the plugin showing no movies even if I select on the 'movies' icon.

    Am I using a version that is not supported?

    Do you want me to try other XMBC other than Kodi, I want to play movies don't mind if its another software.

    As always thanks
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    the Kodi/XBMC plugin use 2 different connections to control a Kodi instance

    one is http and the port is configurable from the Kodi settings
    the other is TCP and the port is hardcoded as 9090

    in your case it seems that both port are set to 9090, this is wrong the http port should be set to something else. So in Kodi > Settings > Services > Webserver set the port to something different than 9090 (8080 for example) and make sure there is no firewall blocking this port.

    also do you have some movies imported in your Kodi library?


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      The issue was the ports being the same, THANKS