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Incorrect Fan Art and Thumbnail

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  • Incorrect Fan Art and Thumbnail

    I am using HSTouch and display the Fan Art and Thumbnail devices on a page. If I restart the plugin for any reason, I am not getting the correct images to display. It seems that plugin starts over on its images and the devices do not display the most current image. If I start and stop the same media, movie for example, over and over, it seems to eventually catch up.

    Additionally, sometimes HSTouch does not display the same image as the device. I don't know if this is related or an HSTouch/Server issue.

    Thanks for the plugin, it is great.

    Any thoughts?

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    Could you give me step by step instructions to replicate this problem. I tried but failed to replicate it.

    Forget about HSTouch for now, if devices in device management page are correct but they are not in HStouch, this is at 99% a HSTouch bug.


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      Sorry for the delayed response....

      1. Disable Plugin
      2. Enable Plugin
      3. Start playing movie...American sniper
      4. Thumbnail shows movie....Big Hero Six
      5. Fan Art shows movie....The Departed. See attached image.

      If I keep starting and stopping "American Sniper" it will eventually catch up. It seems to go through all the images ever used.

      I enabled debug logging but I am not sure where you save the Debug log file.
      Attached Files


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        I can't replicate this problem

        This may be a problem with browser caching. What browser are you using?
        If you manually refresh the device management page does it fix the problem? What if you do a full refresh of the page using Shift + F5?

        The thumbnails images are stored in html\images\XBMC\thumbnails<id>
        where id is the id of the player.

        when you restart the plugin and a video is playing in Kodi the thumbnail image is written as thumbnail1.jpg. Is it the correct image?
        If then you stop and play a video again the next thumbnail is written as thumbnail2.jpg, etc...

        The debug logs are written in HS logs, so go to the log page and make sure there is no errors.


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          Clearing the browser cache does appear to fix it. I have been trying out Edge but this may be good reason to go back to Chrome.

          I did notice that when the plugin is disable then enabled and something is currently playing, the current images do not get deleted. New images are created starting over at thumbnail1. Do the old images need to be deleted out?