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  • Disable computer display

    I have my main Kodi machine connected to the TV. The TV times out and turns off after 30 second of no signal. I have Kodi turn off the display after being idle for 30 minutes.

    Is there any way by script or event to signal Kodi to turn off the display?

    I have the same machine as squeezebox player / server as well. What happens is that if I am using the TV as a squeezebox player (outside of Kodi) it times out and the TV turns off (basically ending the music).

    If there was a way to have the plugin tell kodi to turn off the display (which in turn turns off the TV) this would allow me to have greater control over when the TV is turned off. I could create a few events that would turn off the display/TV when stopped for a certain amount of time but keep in on when the squeezebox player is playing.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    I just had a look, but I didn't see anything that could help in the Kodi API, sorry.