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What XMBC controls can be voice enabled?

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  • What XMBC controls can be voice enabled?

    Hi all! Was wondering what voice controls are possible with XBMC and Amazon Echo Dot?

    Volume is all that I currently have working...but would like to have stop, pause, and some other commands.

    Mucho Thanks!

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    I just started playing with this. It seems to me that you can do just about anything. I set up some virtual devices that run events for the xbmc commands that turn on live TV and switch channels. Pretty neat stuff.


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      To expand on what I've been able to control in Kodi, I can now change channels for Live TV (Alexa, set the TV to 76). I did this by creating a virtual device called TV, with one Dim control for every channel number that I want to be able to switch to. Then I created a set of events that fire when the TV has its value set to the channel number, and I use the Player Open Media action to switch to the channel.

      I let Alexa discover the new TV device and I'm ready to tell her to set the TV to a channel. I also created virtual devices for turning on/off the Live TV window and a few other things like displaying the guide.

      Next up is controlling movie play. I have almost reached couch potato nirvana. Thanks to spud for this great plug-in.


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        Can you give us some details on how you achieved this? I've got the Echo running nicely but want to get it to trigger channel changes.

        Just started on this so have some trouble getting my head around it.


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          Got it sorted.

          For the dummies like me. Some instructions below.

          1. Create virtual device called "TV"
          2. Set the Dim values ( See Screenshot below )
          3. Set the Events ( See 2nd screenshot below )
          4. Discover devices on the Echo
          5. Alexa, Set TV to 71

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            Yes, that is exactly what I did. Good job figuring it out

            My Echo has some difficulties understanding the higher channel numbers, like 76, so I just make them something else easy to remember and let the event take care of it.

            I also added a Global Cache iTach and the UltraGCIR3 plugin to my setup. Now I just tell Echo to turn on the TV and set it to channel 10.

            I also display Kodi notifications on the TV when other events (like turning on the outside lights) get triggered, when it is Sunset, when a door is opened, etc.


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              That is awesome channel change implementation.

              I've been using the Alexa-Kodi skill for Kodi control and it is working really well...but it currently does not support Live TV channel changes.


              There are features that are amazing that I never even knew existed (I used the name "TV" instead of Kodi) that allow playing of the latest, next unwatched, or random epidodes:
              * Alexa, tell TV to play random episode of "Big Bang Theory"
              * Alexa, tell TV to play latest episode of "Saturday Night Live"
              * Alexa, tell TV to continue last show (plays next unwatched episode in a series
              * Alexa, tell TV to search for "Annie"

              I have only 5 live OTA HDTV channels (ABC, NBC, etc) instead of doing the above channel changing (which I would have to for lots of channels...I'm going to use IFFTT + HS3 to trigger on "Alexa, Trigger TV Channel NBC".

              This is until direct scene support by Alexa (and assuming HS3 will support too):

              PS - My Alexa Home Voice Control Cheat Sheet

              Main Home Control
              • Turn {On/Off} Bedtime Mode
              • Turn {On/Off} Party Mode (bright mode)
              • Turn {On/Off} Outside Motion Alerts
              Master Bedroom
              • Turn {On/Off} the Bedroom Lights
              • Turn {On/Off} the Bathroom Lights
              • Trigger bedroom TV {on/off}
              • Trigger bedroom TV source back to normal
              • Trigger bedroom TV source to the Xbox
              • Turn {On/Off} the Nightstand Lights
              • Turn {On/Off} the Bedroom Motion Lighting
              • Turn {On/Off} the Roomba
              • Turn {On/Off} the Bedroom Fan
              • Turn {On/Off} Kid Bed Time
              • Turn {On/Off} Baby Monitor
              • Turn {On/Off} Kid Bath Time
              Adjust Motion Controlled Lighting
              • Turn {On/Off} Living Room Motion Lighting
              • Turn {On/Off} Upstairs Bedroom Motion Lighting
              • Turn {On/Off} Downstair Bedroom Motion Lighting

              Tell TV to (using Alexa skill for Kodi):

              Control Items
              o Tell TV, to Play
              o Tell TV, to Pause
              o Tell TV, to Stop
              o Tell TV, to Skip
              o Tell TV, to Previous
              o Tell TV, to Start Over
              o Tell TV, to Continue Last Show

              o Tell TV, go {Up/Down}
              o Tell TV, go {Left/Right
              o Tell TV, to {Page Up/Down}
              o Tell TV, Select
              o Tell TV, go Back
              o Tell TV, Open Menu

              Play Media
              • Tell TV, Play Movie XXX
              • Tell TV, Play Next Episode of XXX (show name)
              • Tell TV, Play Random Movie
              • Tell TV, Play Random Episode of XXX (show name)
              • Tell TV, Play Latest Episode of XXX (show name)

              • Change the TV volume to {0 -100] percent (for TV Media Center volume and music) - Uses Alexa to HS3 skill
              • Change Alexa volume to {0-10} (for volume and music)

              Thermostat Temperature
              • {increase/decrease} the thermostat (by X degrees)
              • {raise/lower} the thermostat
              • Set the thermostat temperature to 73 degrees
              News and Events
              • Give me my Flash Briefing
              • Read the Wall Street Journal Morning Edition
              • Ask StubHub what is happening this weekend
              • Ask earthquakes what’s shaking
              John’s Car
              • Open Automatic
              • Ask Automatic where is John’s Car
              • Ask Automatic how far I’ve driven this {week/this month, last month}
              Order Domino’s Pizza
              • Open Dominos
              • Open Dominos and Place my Easy Order
              • Ask Dominos to track my order
              Order Flowers
              • Open 1-800-Flowers
              • Open Mindfulness and Ask for a quick meditation
              • Open Daily Affirmation
              • Open Compliments
              • Ask Uber to Request a Ride
              • Ask Uber to call me a {UberX/UberBlack/UberSUV/UberXL/UberSelect}
              • Ask Kayak how much it costs to fly from XXX to XXX
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