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How to remove XBMC Clients

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  • How to remove XBMC Clients

    I have been doing allot of testing. And it auto added xbmc clients that I'm not actually using.

    I do not see how to remove these?

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    in XBMC.ini, in the [PLAYERS] section delete all lines beginning with the id of the player you don't use anymore, and delete the devices associated to this player as well, then restart the plugin.

    this will only work if the player does not exist anymore or if it is configured to not announce its services with Zeroconf, otherwise the player and associated devices will be recreated the next time it is being discovered.

    if you have one player that you don't want to see in HomeSeer but still want to be discoverable by other softwares, you can add the following line in XBMC.ini in the [PLAYERS] section:

    where 4 is the id of the player
    then restart the plugin
    you can delete the devices for this player, they won't be recreated
    the instance will still show in the Config page, but it will be marked as Disabled.