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  • Cannot Connect to Kodi

    Hi Spud,

    I'm running Kodi on an Android box and just recently installed the XBMC plug-in. I'm getting the following errors in my log file when I enable the plug-in:
    Click image for larger version

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    Any advice for me?

    I looked on a other forum and you suggested installing the following:
    sudo apt-get install mono-complete

    It prompt for a y/n to continue when executed. I press y for yes, but nothing happens. I an very new to Linux, so I'm not sure how finish the execution of the program.

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    this is not the same problem, you need to install avahi as stated in the user guide:

    sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon


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      I'm having troubles executing the command line. It asks for a y/n And I'm not sure how to enter y to continue with the install. I press y and enter and it does nothing. I enter y in the command line and I get "running y..." displayed. I also enter y after the "sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon" command and I get the following:
      running comand sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon y
      Reading package lists...
      Building dependency tree...
      Reading state information...

      How do I know if it is installed or not?

      Also, to install the the updates, I download the zip and txt files. I can't find a "HS3 application folder /updates3/zips"

      I'm running a Linux controller. I'm very new to Linux. can you help me with the install please?



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        how do you enter the commands?
        I would advise to use a ssh client like putty rather than using the command line tool from the HS web interface

        so, download putty, connect to your HS controller using ssh, the default user/password for linux HS controllers are homeseer/hsthsths3

        then install avahi using the command line above.

        then restart the plugin, the error should go away

        no need to install updates manually, the version from the Beta testing thread and the one in the updater are the same (


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          I copy and paste "sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon" in the command line. I open the Linux tool in the HS3 Web server.

          I will downloading Putty and see how that goes


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            I am more confused with Putty. There is only an option to download for Windows platform. Unix for Linux?


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              Putty is a ssh client that you install on a windows machine. You don't have to install it on your HS3 Linux controller.

              If you don't have a windows machine, and you use a Mac you can start a terminal and then use the ssh command line tool directly.


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                I got it working. Thank you for your help!